5 Things You Can Do With Stale Bread

5 things to do with stale breadSigh. Stale bread. It's the bane of my kitchen. I don't know whether the stuff is in league with the milk, but between those two items, nothing seems to go bad faster once I bring it home from the grocery store. It hurts my heart AND my wallet every time I have to throw a loaf of stale bread away. To that end, I'm forever looking for ways to use that bread. You know, ways that won't make me look like one of those trash-eating Extreme Cheapskates from T.V. -- that's not cute.

In my adventures in stale-bread-using, I've learned something quite surprising: Some things actually taste BETTER when you use stale bread to make them! It's true though! Some of my fave dishes just wouldn't be the same if I had to use fresh stuff just baked and resting on the rack. Whether or not you choose to tell people you're getting rid of bad bread and penny-pinching is up to you. With these 5 recipes using stale bread, I can guarantee that nobody will be any the wiser should you choose to stay mum! 


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5 ways to use stale bread!

1. French Toast

What's that, you say? A luxurious breakfast treat? Yes indeed. It's practically a CRIME to use fresh bread when you make French toast. That chewy texture is sheer perfection -- and the dry bread holds in that eggy mixture like a champ. 

2. Croutons

Mmmm! Make that salad pop with some well-seasoned, crunchy croutons. It's like being at a restaurant -- without paying to be there. 

3. Bread Pudding

I always forget bread pudding exists! Which ... is probably a VERY good thing. Because it is ADDICTIVE. Just like French toast, the more dry the bread, the better! Top with some freshly whipped cream and your guests might never leave your house. With that in mind, serve at your own peril!  

4. Bread Crumb Chocolate Chip Cookies

This one surprised me! Two things I would NEVER think to combine -- bread crumbs and cookies? But I'm glad I kept an open mind, and you will be too. There is nothing wrong with this deliciousy, well-textured recipe. A nice alternative texture for folks with a nut allergy! 

5. Stale Bread Pizza 

You don't need to make or buy "special" crust to have pizza at home! Using stale bread to make a personal pizza is perfect! The bread toasts nicely, acting as a great, crunchy, thin-crust base. Top as you like! 

What do you do with your stale bread? And don't just sassily say "throw it out" because I am genuinely curious! 


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