Angry Woman Calls 911 After Restaurant Chain Botches Her Pizza Order

flatizzaAre we all familiar with the term "hangry"? It's when you're so hungry, you're angry. HANGRY. We all get hangry sometimes, and that's why someone created this t-shirt reading "I'm sorry for what I said when I was hungry." But hangry is not why 911 was created. And yet, hangry people keep calling the emergency hotline when their food disappoints them. Just the other day Bevalente Michette Hall called 911 over her Subway "Flatizza" flatbread pizza.


Okay, so the most important thing, first: What Went Wrong. Apparently Hall's pizza was supposed to have pizza sauce, but it got marinara sauce instead. I get that. Pizza should have pizza sauce, though it can be made with marinara, too. I might complain about that, too.

"They put marinara sauce on it and it's terrible!" Hall later told the 911 dispatcher. From what we can gather, it sounds like her request for either a refund or a re-do turned into a heated altercation, which is what led to the emergency call. "Now they're telling me they can't give me my money back and they can't make me another pizza!" Oh my God, the injustice! Though I have to say, when one orders an item called "flatizza" one should lower one's expectations.

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To be fair, this would make me feel angry and frustrated, too. But not 911 angry and frustrated. For crying out loud, why do people keep calling this life-or-death line over food matters? I mean, I'm not going to say "it's just one meal" because I hate it when people tell me that. Obviously it's much more than a meal for we food obsessives. But still! Call Subway's corporate headquarters, flame them on Facebook or Twitter, but don't make it 911's nightmare.

Maybe we need a 911 for food problems? Like when you're served a green chili burrito that's clearly just a soggy flour tortilla filled with condensed cream of chicken soup with canned jalapeños. (I'm looking at you, horrible Mexican restaurant in Cedar City, Utah.) Or when you go to order your favorite blood orange hibiscus glazed donut at the shop all the way across town and they've run out! WHY???

What were we talking about? Oh yes, 911 for food problems. We need one of those. Like, soon. It's kind of an emergency.

Do you ever get this worked up over disappointing food?


Image via Subway


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