Restaurant Customer Finds the Grossest Thing Imaginable in Her Food (PHOTO)

calamari with a condom in it Are you eating your lunch as you peruse the site? Might want to put down that sandwich, because this one? It will make you lose your appetite and then some. When one restaurant patron ordered calamari, she expected it to be a bit chewy. That's sort of what calamari's known for, right? Being so chewy and delicious? So when this particular squid was a little hard to chew, Mai Liang thought nothing of it...until it wouldn't yield it all.

She removed the bite of food from her mouth to find that it wasn't food at all. It was a condom. *Pause here to allow sufficient time for screaming and possible trips to the bathroom*. And we're back. Yeah. Can you even imagine? Customer Mai Liang's mind went to the worst place possible after identifying the foreign object in her food: Had the condom been...used? *Pause here for more screaming and maybe another trip to the bathroom followed by a good crying-jag*. 

But it gets even grosser. Yeah --  to answer your question -- that's a thing that is actually possible. When Mai showed the restaurant owner the nasty action in her grub, the restaurant owner accused HER of putting the condom in her own meal just to get a free bite to eat. I don't want to sit down and do math (because that's difficult for me) but let's go ahead and assume that including cost of effort alone, putting a condom in your meal still isn't worth doing if you're on the hunt for free lunch.


Mai was shocked by the owner's accusation. But she was more shocked by what she did next -- the lady-owner ATE THE CONDOM TO STOP THE ARGUMENT. I can't. I have no words. I mean, this is a case of the customer being right working out for everyone! The owner should have apologized, comped the meal, and fired the chef responsible. No sweat! Instead, just to prove god-knows-what she put herself at risk by ingesting the condom AND alienated her customers. Totally insane and totally gross. I'll be giving calamari a wide-berth from here on out. 

What's the grossest thing you've ever found in your food? For me it is a living centipede.


Image via pointnshoot/Flickr/ Twitter

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youth... youthfulsoul

I found an entire food service glove in a salad. They apologized, claimed it was unused but still charged me for my meal! wtf

missy... missybest

Customer service?  Where is it any more?  I just had the worst experience at a doctor's office of my lifetime.  The rudeness (doctor included) of all of these people was beyond my comprehension.  I am horrified by people these days.  Disgusting!

nonmember avatar Justjala

I found schards of metal in the bean dip can once and Frito Lay refunded my money plus gave us free chips for 6 months!! Which I did not expect but was nice of them!

nonmember avatar megan

this doesn't even seem real. so crazy.

nonmember avatar Beth

We found a fried rat head in our burger king fries once. Even thinking about it makes me want to puke.

wendy... wendywendy

A slug, in the lettuce of a sandwich I was eating.  Thank god I didn't bite through it, only grazed it, and opened it when it tasted horrible.  It was at a really good place with a great reputation, but I haven't been back.  They gave me my $ back plus $50 gift card.

Also once found a hot dog slice in a can of Annie's Bernie O's (like spaghetti-o's), which was weird because 1) the can was supposed to be meat free, and 2) Annie's doesn't, and never has, made them with hot dogs.  I called the company to ask them, and talked to some vice president who didn't have an answer but said they "were waiting for something like this to happen".  ?!?!  Apparently they were manufactured in the same facility as a similar product containing hot dogs.  I said I didn't care for us as we have no food allergies or dietary restrictions, but those that do should know what's in the can.  He offered me coupons, which, whatever, was only wondering how it happened, but never received them anyways.

nonmember avatar Erin

@Chris. So just because someone is rude to you it gives you the right to feed them human secretions? It's people like you that make the food industry shitty! Way to be a good citizen! I would seriously make your life a living hell if you ever did something like that to me. You are an incredibly sick individual. What goes around comes around and I hope you eat a big piece of shit the next time you order something from a restaurant.

nonmember avatar tana

Found a quarter in a newly opened container of cottage cheese, a potato bug in a block of frozen spinach, and hair cooked into an egg on an egg sandwich from burger king. Not once, but twice. Also, a maggot crawling out of a bowl of soup from Quiznos. I have trust issues.

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