5 Yummy Mint Julep Desserts for Kentucky Derby Weekend

mint julep cupcakesEveryone is buzzing about mint juleps, the cocktail made (usually) with bourbon, simple syrup, a sprig of mint, and loads of ice -- in an elegant silver tumbler, of course. But why drink a mint julep when you could eat one? The cocktail has inspired dozens of tasty dessert treats. You don't actually have to watch the Kentucky Derby or wear a big hat to join in the fun this weekend -- try one of these mint julep desserts instead.


1. Mint Julep Balls: Crushed vanilla wafers, cocoa, chopped nuts, peppermint extract, and just a hint of bourbon make up these fun little bites.

2. Mint Julep Cream Pie: Here's a great excuse to make a cream pie. This has a bourbon-flavored custard filling, topped with whipped cream and mint leaves.

3. Mint Julep Cupcakes: These are bourbon-spiked cakes with spiked frosting for double the fun. You could leave out the bourbon from the frosting for a less alcoholic version.

4. Mint Julep Shortbread Cookies: These are simply shortbread cookies topped with a bourbon and mint glaze. For something more bourbon-y, there's also this mint julep shortbread cookie recipe.

5. Mint Julep Gelées: There are definitely not for the kids! But they're almost more popular than the original drink -- and you don't have to round up a fancy silver tumbler for them either.

Do you like the flavor combination of bourbon and mint?


Image via glittergirlrn/Instagram

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