5 Quick Lunches for Busy Moms That Taste Better Than They Sound

Sunny Chanel | May 12, 2014 Food & Party

black bean burrito

I have a lunch problem. I'm so busy during the day, from working and taking care of my family's needs, that my midday meal is often an afterthought. Before my daughter went off to school, I always made sure we had a tasty and healthy lunch. But now that I'm all by my lonesome, not only has remembering to eat been an issue, but finding good, fast, nutritious meals has been a challenge.

In honor of ALL busy (and hungry) moms out there, here are 5 quick lunches that taste so much better than they sound.

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  • Black Bean and Corn Burrito


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    Forget the basic refried bean burrito -- use black beans for a healthier wrap and add in corn for added nourishment. If you have it, also throw in some diced red pepper.

  • Brown Rice and Chickpeas


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    No, I’m not talking regular old rice and beans -- that’s too boring and not hearty enough to keep you going for the rest of day. Pick up some of those brown rice packages at your local store (almost everyone carries them these days) and prepare as instructed on the package. Then zap a half a cup of beans like chickpeas or white beans in the microwave for a bit. Mix those with your brown rice, throw in some fresh lettuce, add in a little bit of your favorite dressing, and you have a filling and yummy lunch. 

  • Tuna Salad Pasta


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    This is so easy to make and so fulfilling. Cook up some of your favorite pasta (I prefer penne or bowtie for this dish). After it’s cooked, drain the pasta and mix in a little butter. Then add in a can of drained tuna, a tablespoon or two of mayo, a little finely cut celery, and salt and pepper. Mix it all up and you have a great tuna salad pasta dish.

  • Quinoa and Hummus


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    Yes, quinoa is everywhere -- and for good reason. It’s tasty, simple to cook, and good for you! You can take the easy route with a precooked quinoa, which you just heat up. Or just put it in the microwave with water in a covered dish for nine minutes. When it’s done, mix it with some hummus and whatever veggies you have lying around (carrots or green peppers, for instance), add a light vinaigrette, and you have a great lunchtime salad.

  • Quick Ramen with Eggs


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    We always have Top Ramen in our pantry, but we never use as instructed. We like to experiment with it. One way to mix it up is by doing ramen with eggs. First cook the ramen in boiling water, and throw in some very thinly cut carrots and green onions. When done, drain the water. While the ramen is cooking, put a little oil in a pan and add in one or two eggs (that have been lightly scrambled) and cook in a thin layer (move the pan around so it spreads thin). Lightly mix. Then add the drained ramen and veggies to the eggs.  Add a little hot sauce if you’d like to spice it up -- and you're done!

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