4 Campfire-Inspired Foods to Make for Dinner Tonight

I am not a camper, at least not a happy one. That being said, the only thing I really like about camping is the food. Something about a meal being cooking in the great outdoors is totally irresistible and is almost worth the dirt, the dust, the bug bites and outhouses.

So what is a campfire foodie who doesn't like to camp to do? Why, to try to recreate a camping worthy meal in my own kitchen complete with running water, a ceiling and not a single piece of poison ivy.

Here is my perfect outdoorsy meal to make at home, pine tree smell and mosquitos not included.


Corn Bread:
There is something so rustic (and yummy) about corn bread. I swear by the Jiffy cornbread mix. It's easy to use and inexpensive. To give a more campfire feel, bake your cornbread in a cast iron skillet. Add in a can of corn to give the corn bread more texture and taste. I like to put in a little bacon fat into the pan before I pour in the mixture, which gives it a really rich flavor.

Pork and Beans:
Pork and beans is my number one favorite camping food and it's ridiculously easy to make. Start by cooking two pieces of bacon in a heavy skillet. After it has cooked (not too crisp), pour out the extra bacon grease (leaving about a tablespoon) and put the bacon strips aside. Then add in a big can of baked beans and a package of hot dogs that have been cut up. Cut up the reserved bacon and add it into the beans and hot dog mixture. To spice it up, add in a couple tablespoons of ketsup and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Cook until it's heated through.

Corn on the Cob:
To give your basic corn on the cob a campfire worthy kick, add a little spice to your butter like sea salt, chiptole power, or BBQ seasoning.

It ain't a camping inspired meal with s'mores! You can take or leave any or all of the above, but you have to finish off your meal with some homemade s'mores. While you may not have an open fire to make them, there are a variety of indoor options, one of the easliet is one from Paula Deen that you make in your oven and Honey Maid has a toaster oven and a microwave version as well.

What is your favorite camping trip food?

Photo Source: Bre LaRow/Flickr

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