10 Romantic Breakfast in Bed Ideas for Mother’s Day (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Apr 29, 2014 Food & Party

mother's day breakfastsLadies, it's almost Mother's Day. Do you know what your guys are making you for breakfast? Now we know you don't like asking, and it's so much sweeter when our guys just think of these things all on their own. But it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if, say, they turned on the computer and happened to see this handy list of romantic Mother's Day breakfast ideas, most of which are easy enough for even a beginner cook handle -- hello, I'm talking to YOU, man who just "stumbled" onto this post!

No pressure, but these 10 breakfast ideas would rock your lady's world first thing in the morning. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is get up before she does (bwa hahaha, no really), tip-toe into the kitchen, prepare said breakfast, and present it to her on a tray while she's still in bed. Try and round up the kids while you're at it. Ready? Okay!

  • Love Toast



    Aww, isn't this adorable? Here's what you do: Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter (or free-hand with a knife) to cut out a heart in a piece of bread. Butter both sides and put in a frying pan. Crack an egg inside. Cook for a couple minutes, then flip to cook on the other side.

  • Heart-Shaped Pancakes


    For a heart-shaped pancake, pour pancake batter inside a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Let cook long enough to hold the shape, remove the cutter, and flip to finish cooking.


  • Blueberry Compote


    Once you've got your lovely pancakes done, top them with this blueberry compote. Or warm frozen blueberries in maple syrup and pour over the pancakes.

  • Heart-Shaped Waffles



    You can make a heart-shaped waffle even if you don't have a waffle iron. Take either a fresh or a cooked frozen waffle and cut out a heart shape with a cookie cutter.

  • Bacon Hearts


    Here's a cute one -- fold bacon into heart shapes and bake in a warm (325-degree) oven for about 20 minutes.


  • Bacon and Zucchini Quiche



    You can buy a pre-made crust in the frozen or refrigerated section of the grocery store. Otherwise, this recipe for a zucchini and bacon quiche is a cinch.

  • Yogurt With Nuts and Fruit


    This one is so easy! Just top some yogurt with fruit (dried or fresh, chopped) and nuts, and drizzle with honey.

  • Charcuterie Board



    This one is even easier, and you get points for being fancy! Pick up some Serrano ham, prosciutto, or other cured meats, throw in maybe some brie, slice up some fruit and some bread, and presto. You've got a satisfying DIY charcuterie plate for your woman.

  • Hotel Breakfast



    If you're planning on staying at a hotel between now and Mother's Day, here's a fun, sneaky idea: Copy an in-room hotel breakfast. Swipe those mini butters and pots of jams and bring them home. Then buy croissants or muffins, pour a glass of juice and a mug of coffee, set everything with white linens or ... whatever you can find. And you've got this reverse home-away-from-home breakfast.

  • Champagne Cocktail


    Dana Moos/Flickr

    Almost done! You could do a mimosa, which is sparkling white wine with orange juice. Or you could make a bellini, which is sparkling wine with peach nectar. But if you're serving a more adventurous woman, try this champagne cocktail: Add a dash of St. Germain to champagne or sparkling wine and drop in a few raspberries.

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