Your Favorite Fast Food's Calorie Counts -- Revealed! (PHOTOS)

five guys burgerFast food nutrition can be difficult. The snacks are always so good, which can blind us to those concerns. Where else can you grab your favorite ultra-savory or sweet treat in just seconds, and all for usually pretty decent prices? Not in my kitchen, that's for sure. I charge a premium rate for even toaster waffles. It's highway robbery.

But it can be tough when you're ordering fast food to know what exactly is in what you're ordering. When we cook at home, it's so much easier to suss out how much of what we've used and do some quick math to let us know just how many calories and how much fat we're consuming. Sometimes with fast food, it can be a challenge.

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We've rounded up 12 of our favorite fast food items from across the country. In addition to presenting you with pictures sure to pique your appetite (seriously, I had a second lunch after writing this) we've included some valuable nutritional details for each item to make your go-to fast food favorites less of a mystery if you're counting calories.

What's your favorite fast food treat?


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Liz132 Liz132

The Arby's sandwich is upsetting because it's so misleading. How does a turkey sandwich have 800 calories?!

ashjo85 ashjo85

Some of these are misleading. Your "serving" of chicken nuggets--that's the value for the 20 piece. The 10 piece has 470 calories in it. And who would eat a bucket of chicken by themselves?

ABCMo... ABCMomma0211

Ashjo i agree...

Me and my husband split either a ten or twenty peice.

Rebecca Peterson

I order the 10 piece chicken nugget meal and my daughter's share it. Each gets 5 (usally 4/5 because they give me 9 not 10) and split the small fry and small drink. In California, the calories of each meal is legally mandated to be up there and posted, so I knew how much they were eating.

And of course stuffed crust pizza is going to be higher in calories, it's stuffed with cheese.

horse... horsesteelers

My favorite on the list is Five Guys. This sandwich only has the tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and cheese and contains 840 calories, and 55 grams of fat so I can imagine what it would be with more items on it. 

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