12 Outrageous Hot Dog Variations You Have to See to Believe (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Apr 22, 2014 Food & Party
12 Outrageous Hot Dog Variations You Have to See to Believe (PHOTOS)

spider dogsSay "hot dogs for dinner tonight" and most of us think of the kind of last-minute kid-friendly meal we whip up on autopilot without having to think much about it. But I've been investigating all the possibilities of this overlooked dish, and I've realized I've overlooked some pretty dang creative options. Whether you're cooking for children or for yourself, there are so many fun things you can do with the humble frankfurter -- and they're all delicious, too. Here are just 12 of our favorite crazy riffs on the hot dog.

By the way, there is a recall of Oscar Mayer hot dogs because the packages may contain Classic Cheese Dogs -- a problem for those of you avoiding dairy. So just be careful and get the 411 on the recall before buying hot dogs.

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  • 12 Outrageous Hot Dogs



  • Mini Corn Muffin Dogs



    These are corn dogs made cute: All you do is add a chunk of hot dog into each cup of corn muffin batter.

  • Hot Dog Spaghetti



    Apparently this idea has been around for a while, but I'm just now hearing about it. And you know what? It's so brilliant, it's kind of hurting my brain, and I'm pretty sure this is what I'm making for dinner tonight. All you do is poke sticks of dry spaghetti into chopped up hot dogs and boil both together. You get weird little hot dog noodle jelly fish-looking things!

  • Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs



    Everyone has to try this at least once -- wrap your hot dogs with bacon and then either pan fry or grill.

  • Octodog



    Who doesn't love an octodog? Slice lengthwise almost up to the end. Technically, octodogs usually have eight legs. But we're not picky. I like the ones made from extra-long wieners -- and the ones with a little smile cut in.

  • Banana Hot Dog



    Bananas, frankfurters -- same size and shape! I've seen a few different versions of this idea, but I think this one topped with peanut butter and chocolate chips is a clear winner.

  • Hot Dog Taquito



    South of the border fun with your hot dog! Just roll up your hot dog in a corn tortilla and deep fry.

  • Pizza Dog



    Two great foods that may taste great together. I'm guessing what you do is cook the frankfurter first, then top with grated mozzarella and pepperoni and melt in toaster oven.

  • Mac & Cheese Dog



    If you can't decide which you're in the mood for, why not try both? This is a hot dog topped with mac and cheese -- and a little crumbled bacon, because why not?

  • Baked Hot Dogs



    This is a great idea for a movie party where you want to serve something more substantial than finger food. Everything gets cooked in the oven -- start with the dogs in the buns, then add cheese.

  • Spider Dogs



    This is the boiled version of spider dogs. Cut and arrange as shown -- get ready to hear screaming. I think they look more like crabs, actually.

  • Spider Dogs Take 2



    And this is the grilled version. Slice lengthwise on either side almost up to the middle. Spear and grill. Creepy!

  • Spiral Dog



    These are the curly fries of hot dogs. I didn't know the world needed such a thing, but now that I see them, I understand the wisdom in this dish. Slice a hot dog along a spiral and grill.

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