6 Fun Mac and Cheese Recipes Your Whole Family Will 'Eat Up' (PHOTOS)

mac and cheese recipesThe pleasures of macaroni and cheese are undeniable. The soft, chewy feel of the noodles, the melted ooey gooey goodness of the fatty cheese. Excuse me, I may need a moment to pull myself together. Okay. I'm back.

No matter what your age, be it 5 or 50, you harbor a soft spot for this entree, the ultimate comfort food. But even the things we like the most can get a little tired when you eat them night after night (except for pizza, if you slight pizza under my cyber-roof, I will kick you out). Luckily we're here for you, with 6 fresh takes on your favorite cheesy treat.


Are you a crock-pot fan, a cupcake fiend? Never you fear, these 6 winning recipes have got something for everyone. You could eat a different one each week and never come close to getting tired of these cheesy noodles!

What's your favorite take on this old favorite?


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lizilli lizilli

Here's another one.  Mac n cheese waffles.  Add a cup of shredded cheddar to some cold left over mac n cheese, mix it up and add other things too like crispy bacon or sausage or chopped jalapeno or onion or anything that sounds good, I put green tabasco in mine along with the bacon.  Take a big spoonful, form into a ball and put it in the waffle iron, smash it down and cook until crispy.  Kids love this, husbands do too. You will be a hit with the family...  I would not let my kids have any of this until they ate a salad.  I know, mean mom, but forgiven after the waffles are eaten.

ja2010 ja2010

lizilli sound delish!

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