Make Your Own Easter Peeps in 6 Adorably Easy Steps (PHOTOS)

make your own peepsI love those marshmallow Peeps as much as the next person. But have you ever had a homemade marshmallow? Oh man, they're outrageously soft and wonderful. If you're up for it, making your own Peeps is definitely worth the effort. You can even customize them with your own flavors -- you're limited just by your imagination! It's not that hard, either. Here's 6 steps for making your very own marshmallow Peeps.


WARNING: Be very, very careful -- hot marshmallow can burn!

1. Mix your sugars. Sift everything to keep it clump-free.

2. For extra flavor in the sugar, add freeze-dried fruit. Or, use lemon zest.

3. You can use just about any marshmallow recipe -- like our own homemade marshmallow recipe! Becca tells me it's much, much easier if you have a stand mixer.

4. Put your (slightly cooled) marshmallow batter into a pastry bag with a round tip to squeeze out those little ducklings. It's a two-step process to make each peep.

peep 1

One blob of marshmallow for the base ...


With a smaller blob on top for the head. Do a few practice peeps to get the hang of it.

5. When you've made one you like, sprinkle top with sugar. Then let them set for a few hours.

6. To make the eyes, melt some chocolate and dab on with a toothpick.

This excellent video tutorial by The Baking Guru spells it all out for you.

Would you ever try making homemade Peeps?


Images via Lenore Edman/Flickr TheBakingGuru/YouTube


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