5 Sinful Passover Recipes That Are Totally Worth the Guilt (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Apr 15, 2014 Food & Party

good passover recipesIt's Passover once again (you can tell because I've been frantically searching for the afikoman 24/7). Traditionally, during this Jewish holy season, only unleavened bread can be eaten. That's right, bid bye-bye to all your floury treats -- smell ya later, cake! For lo, it's time to celebrate the Israelites' freedom from Egyptian slavery.

It might be a solemn celebration, but that doesn't mean you need to deny yourself (or the loved ones gathered around the table) a proper and delicious feast. You've tasted the bitter herb, and now it's time for something scrumptious.

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We've rounded up 5 delicious recipes that you can enjoy without breaking from Passover's mandates. From main course to dessert, they are all so tasty that you'll feel sinful -- even though you've got no reason to! So spare yourself the guilt and get thee to a kitchen. After looking at these offerings, your tummy is surely rumbling.

What are your favorite foods to cook during Passover?


Image via Cazals, Jean/the food passionates/Corbis


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