17 Pretty Easter Desserts That Are Quick & Easy to Make

17 Pretty Easter Desserts That Are Quick & Easy to Make
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Easter is almost here, and while many of us are planning our celebratory meal, dessert is often an afterthought. After cooking up a feast for the family, we often just don't have the time or the energy to spend making a festive dessert. I know I don't! But I also know when dessert time arrives, I want to eat some dessert, and the more Eastery, the better!

Sure, sure, we can always buy something from our local bakery this Easter in a pinch. That's always a good option. However, for anyone who wants to present something with a personal touch this Easter, we've rounded up some super-Eastery dessert ideas that are quick, easy to make, and cuter than a baby in bunny suit. 

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In honor of bunnies, Easter eggs, springtime, and time better spent being with family than baking all night long, here are 17 super-easy and sweet Easter desserts that make a great holiday dinner finale. C'mon, pull over a chair and that bowl of jelly beans and find a good one to serve after this year's Easter meal. 

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