20 Mother's Day Breakfasts Easy Enough for Kids to Make

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Here's the thing about publishing heavenly Mother's Day brunch ideas on a blog read by moms: Someone else should be reading those posts so they can make us breakfast. What are we supposed to do -- email a link to the post to our husband and kids? Well, yeah, probably, but that's kind of a bummer and they're definitely not mind-readers. And anyway, maybe our people aren't so adept at cooking and barely know how to boil an egg, let alone whip up eggs Benedict.

Sigh. What would be nicer and more relaxing than sleeping in and waking up to the smell of fresh coffee and even fresher pancakes? (When does that ever happen?) If anyone wants our two cents, we would say that's the best way to start off Mother's Day -- actually scratch that. It's the correct way. What's a mom to do?

There's only one real solution.

So let's reel back the day's ambitions ... way, way back. Here are some breakfast ideas for people who barely have a grasp on how the toaster works. People who maybe know where you keep the milk. People who are capable of opening a package. Let's start there, with 20 realistic Mother's Day breakfast ideas our kids can actually serve us in bed (and not burn down the house). Don't worry, they're still delicious recipes! 

(And most importantly, make sure the kiddos use a tray so nothing spills!)

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