Subway in Big Trouble After Customer Is Called 'Big Mama' on Her Order (WATCH)

sandwichA woman is suing Subway after one of its employees wrote something pretty awful on her order. Allison Brown was not expecting to be the butt of a cruel joke about her size when she went there to buy lunch for her family. But that's exactly what happened. 

Brown looked down at her food and saw that a worker had written "Big Mama" on one box. She was absolutely gutted -- can you imagine what that would feel like? The last thing she wanted to do after seeing that was eat anything, she said.

She went back to the Subway in question and spoke to the store's manager about the incident. He promised to make everything right -- but then, according to Brown, he stopped returning her calls. 


After he told her the worker just didn't "know better," he basically gave her the brush-off. But Brown wasn't about to let it go. She called Subway's corporate headquarters. 

And she kept calling until she says the company made her an offer: They'd pay her $5,000 if she agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement. Brown refused.

She is now suing the chain -- but, apparently, not for the reasons you might think. She says she isn't out for more money than they originally offered -- what she wants is something that should become standard at every restaurant. She has asked that Subway make sensitivity training mandatory for all its staff members.

The owner of the franchise Brown visited claims that he has "disciplined" the employee in question. But so far, there's been no word from the restaurant chain as to how they'll respond to Brown's lawsuit. All we really have is her side of the story.

But wouldn't it be nice if, at the end of all this, there were no more insults directed at customers or restaurant workers ever again? These things seem to happen far, far too frequently lately -- and any way you slice it, it just isn't nice.

What's your take on this story?


Image via Eric Molina/Flickr

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