Amazing Easter Bunny Cake Recipe You Can Make in Under an Hour (PHOTOS)

easter bunny cakeEaster is a great opportunity to get really creative, especially when it comes to dessert. Me? I'm a huge fan of making my annual bunny cake. There are a glut of different recipes out there when it comes to making an Easter bunny cake. Some of them are fast and easy but don't look great, and others are gorgeous but will eat up the better part of your day. Who has time for that?

The recipe I used this year is all about speed. It's also all about the wow-factor. In just under an hour, I managed to put together this life-like bunny cake, and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Not only did it look adorable (I added some Peeps and some Cadbury mini eggs to complete the diorama of the bunny and her brood), but it tasted divine. I used a lemon cake mix, but you can use whatever flavor you want. Take a look! 


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Life-Like Easter Bunny Cake Recipe

easter bunny cake


Boxed cake mix
Prepared frosting
Coconut flakes, as needed
2 biscotti cookies
Jelly beans
3 marshmallows
Pink decorating gel

easter bunny cake


Make box cake as directed. After cake has completely cooled, thinly frost one cake's flat side, and top with second cake, round side up.

Measure about 5 inches down the cake, and slice in half. The bigger portion will be your bunny's back.

Cut the second smaller piece in half; this will be your bunny's head and haunches.

Take one piece and put directly in front of the body as the head.

Take the left over piece, separate, and arrange on either side as the haunches.

Cover completely in frosting, then sprinkle with coconut.

Use jelly beans and black licorice for the eyes, nose, and whiskers.

Cut one marshmallow in half for the feet, another in half horizontally for the cheeks, and put the third in back as a tail!

Frost two biscotti cookies as desired, and prop on top of the head.

Now get your Easter feast on!

easter bunny cake


Do you have a favorite Easter recipe?

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