What Your Favorite Easter Candy Says About You

easter chocolate bunnyLook around every store and one thing is obvious: It's Easter season. Time for candy! Yes, it's that time of year when the Easter bunny brings us more candy than we know what to do with. Oh silly me -- what am I saying? Of course we know what to do with all that candy. It's just a matter of zeroing in on your favorites. And man, do people feel strongly about their favorites. Whether it's Peeps or chocolate bunnies, there is an Easter candy for you. But what does it all mean? Here's what your favorite Easter candy reveals about you!


Chocolate Bunny: You are stalwart and trustworthy. Everyone knows what they're getting with you, even if you prefer hollow bunnies to solid bunnies. If someone bites your head off, you just roll with it. You're cool like that.

Malted Robin's Eggs: You're creative and like surprising people -- but you're also just a little bit nostalgic. There's something old-fashioned about you.

Peeps: You're loud and will not be ignored. You're also extremely flexible. You're super sweet inside and out, and soft in the middle. But you can be a bit clingy, too.

Cadbury Eggs: You are not what you appear to be. There's a kind of mystery to you. And yet you're in high demand. People just can't seem to get enough of you and will travel to the ends of the Earth to get more of you.

Jelly Beans: You're just here for a good time, always happy to be invited to the party. 

Peanut Butter Eggs: You're a regular gal who feels somewhat uncomfortable with the changing seasons. You prefer stability, for things to stay the same all the time. 

Edible Easter Grass: You're half punk rock, half emo. You scare people. No one quite understands you.

What's your favorite Easter candy?


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