Couple Who Gave Terrible Tip to Pizza Guy Make Up for It in the Best Way

pizza deliveryYou know that jerk who comes up short on the tip for the delivery guy? That jerk is me. I admit it, there have been times when I've had only enough cash to cover the bill, or I've suffered math amnesia and accidentally under-tipped. Well it's nice to know I'm not alone. One couple made up for their lousy tip with the sweetest note -- which, by the way, also included a $20 bill. Here's how they turned something so wrong into something so right.

Andrew Schaffer delivers pizza to help pay for school. One night, a couple left him a whopping $0.33 tip for a $22.67 order. Schaffer took it in stride because he's a nice guy. But the couple, Tom and Jenn, felt terrible about it. Instead of letting their guilt sit on them for a day or two until it faded away (which is what I usually do), they actually did something about it. They sent Andrew a thoughtful, hand-written note, which he then posted on Reddit.

thank you note

thank you note

Did Andrew roll his eyes at the cutesy cupcake stationery and pocket the money? Hell no. He told Huffington Post:

It really made my day! Tips make up about two-thirds of my income, which pays for school for me, so I remember who tips and who doesn't. The $20 was much appreciated, but the obvious time and effort put into making the card and hand delivering it meant even more.

Wow, it wasn't just the money. He appreciated the effort! I think back on those times when I realized I had under-tipped and kind of toyed with the idea of sending a note with cash. I always thought that would be a kind thing to do, but I've never actually gotten off my ass to do it because I figured the delivery guy probably wouldn't even remember who I was. And the logistics -- mail it or hand deliver? Would the manager really pass on the note, or would he just pocket the cash for himself? 

But now that I've seen that delivery people DO pay attention, and DO get the note, and DO appreciate it, I'll get off my ass next time and send that note. Obviously I can avoid all this by keeping enough cash around and getting my math right. But I'm a total airhead, so I know I'll do it again -- at least now I know the best way to make up for it. 

What do you do when you accidentally under-tip? 


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Rachel Megalos

As a bartender I onve served 4 Brittish men a pint each (about $8/ea)...  they did not tip.  I didn't say anything, because I never do unless people have run up a big tab and even then it would depend.   Anyway a lot of people in Montreal do get mad when people don't tip, (in fairness we do get taxed on a hypothetical tip amount)... so I guess these guys went somewhere else and were told that it was cutomary to tip in Canada.  I came back in for my next shift 3 days later to a note left with the manager.  In it was $20 and and apology saying they didn't know :)  

Jacee... Jacee2348

Well, in my opinion, if you don't have enough money to tip then you shouldn't go eat or order delivery (where a tip is expected). And if you can't figure out 10-20% tip amounts you need serious help. I don't buy the "air-head" excuse - it's more likely that you're cheap. And no, I've never worked in the food industry - it's just common sense that you make sure you tip your server or delivery person.

craft... craftycatVT

I agree with Jacee2348. Also, I have worked as a waitress and I would NEVER undertip!

kisse... kisses5050

my girls were really little...6 and 8 and wanted to take us out for dinner ..they called and made reservations and told us we just needed to drive... they tipped the vallet parking guy... we had a great dinner and the service was amazing ..the bill came and they grabbed it and paid.. the hostess said that the waitress wanted to see me at the hostess stand..I went over...the girls had tipped her 40% I called my oldest over..I asked her if she knew how to figure a tip she said "Yes. but the service was twice as good here so I doubled it" I looked at the waitress and said " you heard the the little lady.

angel... angelofsaturn

I work as a delivery driver and yes we remember lousy tippers and awesome tippers.

There have been quite a few times where i've delivered and gotten stiffed or a low tip(like $2 on a $100+ order) and i just let it go only to deliver there again and the people were damn apologetic and retipped me.

One lady was kinda ranting about how her co workers should have been ashamed about the tip and she gave me $10 and a promise that she would be the one handlin the payment from then on.

Tracey Gjosund

We always order from the same pizza joint, and we tip good due to the price of gas lately, one time though I was short and felt so horrible that I made sure to stop at the pizza place the next day and leave something extra for our driver, I felt horrible at the time, but she assured us she wasn't upset cause of how many times we'd over tip her, so yes they do remember who does what and she always is quick and cheerful...Polisinos has the best staff anywhere

youth... youthfulsoul

I came up short about 9 yrs ago on an excursion in Maui. I still feel bad about it to this day. In fairness, it was our first excursion and I had no idea we were supposed to tip so we gave all we had, unfortunately it wasn't very much.

.anon... .anonymous

That's awesome. I always add a hefty tip to the order (I order online), even though most of the time, our delivery people are schmucks.

nonmember avatar Amelia

I went to France with a school group and we all tipped when we went out to eat and we got laughed at, as "stupid Americans." Which I thought was really rude, we didn't know any better. Apparently, you're not supposed to tip! So, you can't always judge people. It may be a cultural thing!

badas... badaskmom

Stop it. Ohh you've never undertip. Well good for you, accidents happens. Sometimes we think we have the exact anount of cash on us but dont. I may have accidentally undertip, because I over estimated my cash. I have also overtip multiple times, by at least 50%.

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