What Your Favorite Fast Food Says About You

hamburgerHave it your way! A lot of people love fast food, but we don't all love the same menu items. Your cheeseburger in paradise could be another person's chicken nuggets. But why do we all like such different foods? We could say it's just the fascinating variety of taste palates among humanity. Or we could be silly and reductive and say your taste in fast food is intricately linked to your psychology. I think we know which one is more fun: Here's what your favorite fast food says about you.


Cheeseburger with everything: You have a lust for life and want to enjoy everything it has to offer. Bring on the pickles! But you're still pretty traditional.

Plain hamburger: Really, you don't want any cheese? Okay. You're conflicted. You like indulging, but you always have to deny yourself something because you don't believe you deserve a real treat. That, or you're lactose intolerant.

French fries: You have a short attention span.

Taco: You're an armchair traveler. You like to experience new cultures but in a totally familiar way. You love watching travel shows, and looking at people's travel photos on Instagram. But you don't actually like traveling yourself becasue the food is always so weird, and the electrical sockets are different, and you can't understand what anyone's saying.

Shake: You seek comfort. You want to numb everything under an icy blanket of sweetness. To the world, you are an ice queen, but inside you're just a hurt little girl forced by her parents to never let her true feelings show. I feel a song coming on! Let it -- oh, never mind. My editor asked me not to sing in this post.

Fried chicken: You're totally laid back. You don't mind the messiness of life -- in fact, you love it! You enjoy getting your hands dirty, gardening, fixing motorcycles, and making mud pies with your toddler.

Salad: What the hell -- your favorite fast food is the salad? You are confused.

Chicken nuggets: Life is a little overwhelming for you, so you need to take it all in bite-sized pieces. You need schedules and reminders. You need to take a lot of breaks. You like reading short sentences. Like this one.

Donut: You're sweet and well balanced. You're generous with everyone, and you have a soft heart. You just roll with life.

What's your favorite fast food?


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