Rats Feast on Dunkin' Donuts in Horrifying Scene Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

rats at dunkin donutsWhen you live in New York City, some things are just a way of life. For example, the subway is always the quickest way to any destination. You never see dogs on the grass. And perhaps the most surprising factoid for any transplant to the Big Apple is that this city is teeming with rats. Seriously. They are EVERYWHERE. Want proof? Recently, a couple of New Yorkers captured video of rats having a feast at a Manhattan Dunkin' Donuts store. WARNING: It's pretty disturbing, especially if you are a pastry shop regular.


I've actually been to this Dunkin' Donuts location before, so I find it particularly disturbing. It's just a few blocks away from our offices here at The Stir. Take a look at the greedy little vermin.

Did you notice his refined taste? He went for the croissants over the donuts.

Skin crawling yet? Check out the acrobatic feats of this one.

There is no question that this is an incredibly gross scene, but fact of the matter is, this is nothing new in New York. I remember being shocked at seeing pet cats roaming around the neighborhood bodegas (little corner markets). Then a friend clued me in on why -- owners kept them there to scare away mice and rats. After I got over the major "ICK" factor of that scenario, I just got accustomed to this new reality. That said, I may have to find a new place to grab my morning cuppa joe.

Does this bother you or are all those "grossed out" people overreacting? 


Image via YouTube

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