Starbucks Worker Draws Satanic Symbols in Catholic Woman's Coffee

starbucksI will admit that there have been times I ordered coffee, and when the barista spelled my name wrong on the cup, I got annoyed. Not just an innocent misspelling, but a complete butchering. In the end, if the coffee tasted good, it no longer mattered. Why waste time getting angry at something so petty? One Starbucks customer, however, had something happen that really didn't sit well with her once she got her cup of coffee.

When Louisiana schoolteacher Megan K. Pinion was served the two coffees she ordered, she discovered that the barista wrote out the numbers "666" in caramel on the froth of one of her lattes. And decorating the froth on the other cup was a pentagram.


Some people may compare coffee to Satan, but this is no way to make a point. Maybe this was just a teen working a job to pay for college and having a little fun. Still, a customer was offended. And that's kind of the last thing you want to do when you work a customer service-based job. Is it no big deal? Depends on how you look at it and your beliefs (Pinion says she's Catholic), but what if the whole thing was switched and it was some other kind of religious imagery on there on an athiest's cup of coffee?

I suppose it could have been worse. But what is the best in this mess is Pinion's complaint on her ordeal. She said on her Facebook page:

The star is almost okay because it is in your Starbucks logo, the 666, however, was quite offensive. I am in no way judging his beliefs or dis-meriting his beautiful artwork, I am however judging [the barista's] lack of professionalism and respect for others.

Well phrased. She's also being a bit cheeky since the so-called artwork was kind of a scribble.

Starbucks spokesperson Tom Kuhn has apologized to Pinion and put out this statement: "We’re taking the complaint seriously and have sincerely apologized for her experience. This obviously is not the type of experience we want to provide any of our customers, and is not representative of the customer service our partners provide to millions of customers every day."

Decent apology. Now about that barista .... I wonder if he will be fired. Starbucks will not disclose that information. Maybe the kid should be relegated to Starbucks bathroom cleaning duty for a week as punishment. He can squirt 666 designs with toilet cleaning soap so those who drink too much coffee have a clean throne to sit on. You know they say cleanliness is next to ... oh never mind.

What do you think of this barista's behavior?


Image via Ivana Di Carlo/Flickr

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