Best April Fools' Prank Makes Struggling Waitress's Wildest Dreams Come True (VIDEO)

Do you love insufferable April Fools' Day jokes? Do you enjoy watching people succumb to pranks that involve filling doughnuts with mayonnaise, spreading toothpaste on the insides of Oreo cookies, and replacing the contents of hand sanitizer containers with personal lubricant? This must be your favorite day of the year, then, because I'm pretty sure 97 percent of the Internet is currently filled with obnoxious tricks and evil fakeouts. (For example.)

I've got the April Fools' antidote, though, in the form of a completely heartwarming 'prank' pulled on a hardworking waitress named Chelsea Roff. I've heard stories about restaurant employees getting amazing tips from guardian angel customers, but this scenario -- fully captured on video -- pretty much leaves them in the dust. Speaking of dust, I think there's something in my eye ...


The 'best shift ever' prank was dreamed up by and the YouTube comedy duo SMOSH, and the mark was Chelsea Roff. Roff, who works at LA’s Spring Street Smoke House, is by all accounts an amazing woman: she raised her little sister from the time when she herself was a child, overcame an eating disorder, and started a non-profit to help others heal from their own eating disorders through yoga.

Break's show host Kevin Brueck:

If anybody could use a break, it’s Chelsea. So today, we’re going to prank it forward by sending in a few of the best tippers we’ve got to see if we can give Chelsea the best shift ever.

Break planted hidden cameras in order to capture Hoff receiving all her incredible tips: Tip #1 was $1,000, Tip #2 was two tickets to Hawaii, Tip #3 was her dream job, and Tip #4 was keys to a brand new car. Here's what Hoff looked like when she encountered the fifth and final surprise:

Check out the video -- and maybe have some tissues handy:

Pretty amazing, right? What's even better is that this is just part of several positive pranks that are part of the #PrankItFWD campaign. For every 1,000 views of any #PrankItFwd video, will donate $1 to There are a total of nine pranks planned throughout the week, and you can view and share them on

Congratulations to Chelsea Roff! What a beautiful idea, and it sounds like it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

What did you think of this 'prank'?

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