​Taco Bell Jokes Canada Can Get Breakfast Menu if They Take Back Justin Bieber

taco bellDid you hear about Taco Bell's breakfast menu? People who snoozed through the news earlier this week are paying attention now, after hearing what the fast food company's president just said. In a Reddit "Ask Me Anything," Brian Niccol was asked when Taco Bell's breakfast menu would be coming to Canada: "When you take Justin Bieber back," Niccol replied. And just like that, Taco Bell won the Internet for the day.


By the way, I think that's a perfectly reasonable exchange. Please, Canada -- take Justin Bieber off our hands and you can have all the waffle tacos you want. In fact, Taco Bell should offer its entire menu to Canadians for FREE in exchange for capturing Bieber and confining him to a remote location in the Yukon.

Seriously, though, that was just about the best publicity a fast food restaurant owner could ever ask for. Selling breakfast burritos with the perfect joke -- you really couldn't ask for better, could you? And since it's a joke at the world's most annoying celeb's expense, you almost want to reward Niccol for saying it by eating more Taco Bell breakfasts.

A confession: I just spent 20 minutes indulging in the fantasy that this might actually be a possibility. In fact, I was thisclose to setting up a Change.org petition. But then I contacted our State Department, and John Kerry says no. There are currently no plans for a Taco Bell/Bieber international trade agreement. Enjoy your waffle tacos anyway, though, because that's still a darn good idea for a breakfast menu item.

Did you know about the Taco Bell breakfast menu before you heard about the Justin Bieber joke?


Image via Taco Bell

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