Cupcake Chain Sued After Customers Accuse Manager of Using Anti-Gay Slurs​

cupcakesHow could some sweet treats lead to a five-figure lawsuit? It might seem totally unlikely, but it's happened. Daniel Moreira and Rayner Bosch just wanted cupcakes. When they stepped into a Crumbs Cupcake shop last year, they had no idea that they would leave with plans to seek reparations for the treatment they allegedly received inside the scrumptious dessert-cake oasis. 

Daniel and Rayner claim that when they tried to buy their treats, they were told that the store was about to close. They could still place their orders, but they have to eat outside. The duo was happy to do so. Until they noticed that several other patrons were still sitting inside the location. They allege that when they brought this to the store manager Robert Arsenyan's attention, he hurled homophobic slurs at them. If it's true, it's beyond outrageous and totally inexcusable behavior. Daniel and Rayner are suing the cupcake shop as a result, for $25K


We weren't there, so we don't know what actually happened. There's an old cliche that rings true here: There are three sides to every story, your side, my side, and the truth. But if the manager is guilty of what he is being accused of, Daniel and Ranyer were absolutely right to sue him. That sort of behavior is completely unacceptable on every level. 

Being the manager of a bakery (or any restaurant or eatery) is definitely a high-stress job. No one is arguing that point. People aren't always at their best when they are hungry or need their latest caffeine fix and can often be indescribably and inexplicably rude and short with the people providing them with the products they desire. But dealing with these rude, frustrated people is a key component of the job. Losing your cool is not an option. Bandying about hate-speak? That's even LESS of one. Here's hoping that this is all sorted out soon for everyone's sake. Including the cupcakes, who, we can all agree, are innocent of all charges except for first-degree deliciousness for which they are sentenced to spend 48 hours to life in my belly.

Why do you think the manager lost his temper?


Image via Frederic BISSON/Flickr 

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