Mama June Goes to Extremes to Overcome Her Strange Food Fear (VIDEO)

mama juneWhere can a woman turn to cope with her crippling mayonnaise phobia? Poor Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June. The woman cannot abide mayonnaise. She can barely stand even being in the same room with the stuff. And yet! Mama June is determined to overcome the fear that grips her digestive system. That or the producers thought this would be a fun idea to try out on the show: Mama June saw a hypnotherapist for her mayonnaise aversion.


How'd it go? Well, see for yourself in the clip below. It doesn't show the final result of all her sessions (if there were more than one) but June and I both remain skeptical. At least the hypnotherapist got to the roots of June's mayophobia, though. You see, it all stems from her childhood.

"When I was, like, growing up my babysitter kinda, like, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, mayonnaise sandwich kinda thing. And it was like ... " At least I think that's what June said. The hypnotherapist asks June to think back to her earliest memories of mayonnaise I started wondering: Could a person maybe spend too much time contemplating mayonnaise? And might that contemplation actually exacerbate the aversion?

I think we all see what's going on here. June ate wayyyy too much mayonnaise as a child. It happens to all of us. You eat too much of a certain food as a child, and by the time you grow up you can't stand the stuff. That could be Mama June's problem!

But just because she found the root of her mayo aversion doesn't mean she's got the solution. I don't think talking about that is going to unlock anything for her. It's just going to make her slightly queasy during her hypnotherapy sessions.


Are there any foods you ate as a child and cannot abide now?


Image via TLC

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