Cupcake ATM Opens & It's a Dream Come True (VIDEO)

sprinkles cupcake atmRemember a couple years ago when we told you about the cupcake ATM that was supposed to be arriving in New York City? The first one went up in Beverly Hills with the promise of another on this coast. And so I waited. And I waited. And I waited. At last, the blessed day arrived. I woke up to the sound of angels singing yesterday morning and didn't understand why until I read the news: The Sprinkles cupcake ATM had finally opened in New York. At last! And because this was clearly very important news, I made a beeline for the ATM to give it a try myself.


Okay, so. I've lived here my entire adult life and yet sometimes I still forget how this city works. If there's something amazing opening, there will be a mob scene. News of the cupcake ATM had already spread, and when I arrived, there was a somewhat grumpy woman informing us all that the machine was running out of cupcakes and would have to be shut down for restocking. This would take 20 to 30 minutes of waiting in the cold because of course it would.


Dear readers, I have to write seven posts a day. I cannot spend the afternoon hanging out in front of the cupcake ATM waiting for it to be refilled. So I filmed the last customer get her order instead. Here she is, inputting her order on the screen. Beep bo bop bop beep beep!

(I love how you can hear Cranky Cupcake Lady giving us the bad news in the background.) A magic door opens, and there are her cupcakes, in cute little boxes!

Oh look, she's so happy now.

sprinkles cupcake atm

Since I did go through all the trouble of taking the subway there and waiting in the cold, I couldn't just walk away empty-handed. So I went to the Sprinkles store right next door to the ATM and bought a cupcake the regular way. And then, because once again I forgot how New York City works, I left my sunglasses there.

But you know what? I'll be back! I will be back to the cupcake ATM, in the middle of the night maybe even. Because that's the kind of city I live in -- the kind of city where you can buy a cupcake at any hour.

If there were a cupcake ATM in your city, would you be there all the time?


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