8 Kids' Party Favors That Won't Annoy Other Moms

Sunny Chanel | Mar 30, 2014 Food & Party

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Nine out of 10 times, I really hate when my child gets a favor from a birthday party she has attended. But at this point in the game, party favors are expected, and when she or her peers leave a soiree without something, they feel cheated. But why do they have to be so cheap and cheesy? Personally, I'm especially tired of those bags of junk that we have received multiple times with those tiny plastic tops, little bright-colored slinkies, and random stickers. Seriously, the kids spend like one minute playing with them and then they just end up as under their bed or in the trash.

As a public service, we have put together a list of 8 party favors that won't annoy fellow moms and won't add to the clutter in our homes. You're welcome!

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  • A Book


    One of the best gifts for a child has got to be a book. We've been to several parties where the favor was a paperback book that related to the theme of the party -- like an inexpensive fairy chapter book for a fairy party or a book on trucks for a Tonka party. And it's great whenever we can encourage reading!

  • A Single Rose


    At a recent birthday party, my daughter received a party favor that she not only loved but I adored in its simplicity: a single rose. As the girls left the party, the hosts handed out a beautiful flower to each child, and the grins on the girls' faces said it all. And as a mom, it was great to have a favor like this that is disposable and won't add to the clutter.

  • The Gift of Charity


    The gift of charity, as they say, is the gift that keeps on giving. While children are often too young to really grasp the concept, it's never too early to plant the seed of philanthropy. A wonderful gesture is to find a charity focusing on animals like the ASPCA or Heifer International and give a couple of dollars per guest in their honor. If you'd like, buy inexpensive stuffed animals for the kids to take home with a note about your donation. Moms will love this one since it's a great lesson for their children and will give everyone the warm fuzzies.

  • A Seed Packet


    There is something so fulfilling about gardening with your children and teaching them about nature. A simple and inexpensive seed package makes a great parting gift. You can also customize the envelope to go with the theme of the party or contain a special message.

  • An Edible Treat


    Everyone loves taking homemade or gourmet goodies to go. Wrap them up in a cellophane bag with ribbon and a "thank you" gift tag. And the best part for parents? They're usually gone by bedtime. 

  • Art Supplies


    Whether it's crayons, colored pencils, sketch books, or a fresh set of watercolor paints, most kid households can't have enough art supplies. 

  • A Seasonal Favor


    Of course, the mini pumpkin is an autumn favorite for kids. Decorate each one with the kids names and they'll keep through the season. Other fun, seasonal ideas: apples, mini gourds, chocolate-dipped strawberries!

  • A Bottle of Wine for the Parents


    Recently my daughter went to a birthday party and got a bottle of bubbles as a token, but the REAL party favor was for us -- a nice bottle of wine! Best party favor EVER.

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