8 Kids' Party Favors That Won't Annoy Other Moms

kids on a bench each holding a book

Nine out of 10 times, I really hate when my child gets a favor from a birthday party she has attended. But at this point in the game, party favors are expected, and when she or her peers leave a soiree without something, they feel cheated. But why do they have to be so cheap and cheesy? Personally, I'm especially tired of those bags of junk that we have received multiple times with those tiny plastic tops, little bright-colored slinkies, and random stickers. Seriously, the kids spend like one minute playing with them and then they just end up as under their bed or in the trash.

As a public service, we have put together a list of 8 party favors that won't annoy fellow moms and won't add to the clutter in our homes. You're welcome!

kids party favor buckets

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