Massive Food Recall at Your Favorite Grocery Stores: We Have the Details

parker farms food recallThis just in -- put down the salsa and the peanut butter and listen up. Parker Farms, a food company whose products are sold at Target, Whole Foods, Costco, and other grocery stores, is issuing a recall of most of its products. The Minnesota-based company made this decision after authorities discovered that sample products in their line were found to contain traces of listeria.

Are any potentially dangerous foods still sitting on your shelves? Here's what you need to know! 

1. The recall applies to a wide assortment of Parker Farms products, under their banner or the Say Cheez or Bucky Badger emblem. All varieties of their cheese spreads, salsa, and peanut butter lines are all at risk and under recall.

2. Foods in the recall will bear the Best By dates ranging from 09/20/14 (September 20, 2014) to 03/20/15 (March 20, 2015).

3. Suspected items might marked under the following branding: Parkers Farm, Parkers, Happy Farms, Central Markets, Hy-Top, Amish Classic, Say Cheez, Win Schuler, and Bucky Badger. 

4. The products might not have visible signs of disease. You are still urged to throw them away or return them to the store where you bought them originally.

5. Consumers with questions or requests for refunds can contact Parker at (800) 869-6685 or at

Eating products that contain Listeria can cause listeriosis. This isn't common, but when it happens, it can be serious. Listeriosis causes fever, severe headaches, neck stiffness, and nausea. Sometimes it can cause fatal infections, especially in infants or the elderly. With listeriosis, pregnant women are at risk of miscarriage.

Do you eat Parker Farm products? Does this recall affect you? 

Image via Parker Farms

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Firen... Firenygirl180

I've never even heard of this brand.

Daphne Hamm

Never heard of them either

youth... youthfulsoul

Didn't this happen to them a year or two ago too?

nonmember avatar Mae

Never heard of that brand before. Where is this brand name at?

aquinn3 aquinn3

What are some more specific examples of the names of some of the things they sell????

aquinn3 aquinn3

Anyone that would like a specific list I found one here.

the4m... the4mutts


You named HyTop brand, but didn't list WinCo foods as a market where it's purchased. HyTop is the WinCo "off brand".

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, and I know you said "other grocery stores", but WinCo is quite a big name one, that more people might shop at than some corner store. Figured it should be added in.

nonmember avatar Chalea J

Throw it away? No... Where's the accountability of these food producers? I think the manufacturers need to take the product back to dump on their own and that needs to happen with the stores the food was purchased thru. Maybe a few times like this and they will get the picture to work with suppliers who take their food seriously. These can be seriously harmful to children, pregnant women, and the elderly!

nonmember avatar Karen

Parker's is a natural peanut butter; you'll find it by the cheese (refrigerated). They also make private label peanut butter for Walmart, Target and Costco.

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