Fast Food Lies III: Meals That Fail to Measure Up

fast food liesFriends, it's time once again for our favorite game: Fast Food Lies! You know those luscious, tantalizing advertisements that draw you into fast food restaurants with the promise of decadent, calorie-laden bliss? Well, sometimes the reality falls woefully short. We gathered some of the most tempting fast food offerings out there and compared them with the IRL versions. See for yourself which treats hold up to the hype and which ones will give you Sad Tummy.

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Todd Vrancic

You do realize that there are food "stylists" to make food look good in the photos.  You really wouldn't want to eat what's in the picture, because while it is technically food, it's definitely not edible.  For instance, when they make those pictures, the beef is barely even cooked to prevent it from shrinking, the veggies are pinned onto the sandwich, and it's photographed under hot lights for so long it would not be safe to eat.

nonmember avatar blue

What the heck kind of chipotle are you going to? The tacos are awesome and do NOT look like that. I've been to so many Chipotle restaurants.

2baby... 2babymomma

That clubhouse burger is delicious

AliPa... AliParker

What Todd said. And I don't think anyone eats at fast food places expecting it to look like the ads. Some of those are kind of obnoxious though. I eat fast food, I never expect it to be pretty but some of those were almost just thrown it the box.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I'd just like to add, that the lettuce that Wendy's uses is just horrible. They need to leave it out, period. Otherwide I really like the Asiago Ranch Chicken sammich...

there... theresaphilly

The burgers looks about the same to me. Taco Bell is always disappointing. 

tania... taniamorse85

What a shock: the Taco Hell taco looked like a Taco Hell taco.

My4Kidds My4Kidds

You got a bad subway sandwich. My hubby got one and it looked good and was delicious.

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