Starbucks Gets Major Makeover That Could Change Everything

Starbucks now serving wineHave you ever gone inside a Starbucks and felt like something was missing? You know, the croissants are fine, the chocolate chip cookie soothes what ails you, and the caffeine is some of the strongest around, but something seems to be off...right? Well, even if you haven't felt this way, Starbucks was worried that one day you might. So they are completely overhauling their entire concept. Gone is the in-and-out coffee spot. In its place? A menu that includes wine, mac and cheese, and chocolate fondue! I will take seven of each, please and thank you. 

They are calling these new nighttime options, 'Starbucks Evenings', and they've already begun a slow roll-out of these menu options at different locations throughout the country, though mostly on the West Coast. I've got to say, while I'm slightly skeptical, I love most of everything they do already. So why wouldn't I love this?


Think about it. Their breakfast sandwiches? On point. Their new, heated pastries seem successful -- why would this addition be any different? The only real concern (and it's a whopper) is that they might be biting off more than they can chew. I think we've all waited in a crazed crowd of folks for our drinks while the poor, slammed Baristas did their best to keep the crowd happy. 

How would service translate during these nighttime sessions? If they keep things as they are now it could be a total cluster-fudge. Can you imagine people standing around waiting for mac and cheese WHILE drinking? I can think of nothing else so ripe for disaster. That said, if they are doing table service, it might be worth checking out. I wonder how serving full-on dinner would impact the way each location smells. I love coffee, but I don't know that I want to leave a romantic meal stinking of it. 

Do you think this new overhaul at Starbucks has staying power?

Image via shinji_w/Flickr 

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