7 Out-of-This-World White House Desserts (PHOTOS)

As cool a First Lady as she seems, if you were a pastry chef with a flair for French baking -- think lots of cream and butter and tasty "bad stuff" -- creating magical desserts for uber health-conscious Michelle Obama might not be the ideal job for you. After serving as executive White House pastry chef since he was hired by Laura Bush in 2007, Bill Yosses is stepping down from his position, and everyone -- including Bill -- blames Michelle for his career change.

Truth is, she's just too darn healthy for Bill. And rather than continue what sounded like an awesome, but I suppose cholesterol-clogging existence of eating doughnuts for breakfast every morning and whipping up intensely delicious desserts like White House fave Hawaiian chocolate-malted ganache, Bill says Mrs. Obama has inspired him to be more healthy. So, he'll be moving on to New York City, where he'll teach children and adults about healthy eating.

Which is great. I guess. But man, if you get a look at some of the killer sweet treats this man -- this artist -- could create from scratch, I can't help but feel sad for the Obama's. I mean, sticky toffee pudding? Yes, please. And that famous gingerbread White House he constructed every Christmas should alone be enough to inspire Michelle to live it up once in awhile and trade her oatmeal bars for good, old-fashioned, rich desserts made with good, old-fashioned sugar.

It'll be interesting to see who replaces Bill. A master at gluten-free treats who knows his way around agave and the White House garden, perhaps?

For now, let's shed a few tears for the first family, as they will surely miss these 7 desserts that were their pastry chef's staples.

Image via Ron Sachs/Corbis


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nonmember avatar Katye

For the record, this guy did NOT blame Michelle Obama for him losing his job. When asked directly about it, Yosses said that he worked WITH M.O. to make delicious and healthy desserts. While I doubt such a think is strictly possible it's the line he's toating. His official story is he's moving to be closer to his spouse NOT that he was forced out because his food was unhealthy. And until his story changes, I'll believe it rather than rampant speculation published as fact.

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