7 Crazy Extremes People Have Gone to for Fast Food (VIDEO)

car on fireDid you hear about the one about the woman who got upset when a man refused to buy her an ice cream? It wasn't so much upset as infernally furious. A fight broke out between a Florida couple when the man refused to buy his woman a McFlurry dessert. Apparently that dessert meant a whole lot to her. She poured gasoline all over his car and set it on fire ... over a shake.

Okay, I've been accused of taking food way too seriously. But this? This is insane. Oh the crazy things people will do to get their hands on their favorite fast food.


1. There's the man who was arrested for pouring Coke into a cup meant for water. Seems a little extreme, but geez, man. Just pay for your caffeinated sugar water.

2. A teacher threw hash browns at a fast food employee. Something about her order did not meet her expectations. Oh Florida ...

3. When Taco Bell raised its prices a couple years ago one man picked up his BB gun and shot through the drive-through window at the manager. And the story goes on from there in a most shameful manner. This is over a matter of 50 cents, by the way.

4. Passion for fast food doesn't always lead people to a life of crime, though. A few Stir staffers who requested to remain nameless admitted to going to great lengths to buy a Shamrock Shake.

5. Another Stir staffer confesses:

On a trip down the East Coast once to Florida, I deliberately scheduled a connecting flight through the Atlanta airport (both ways) because I knew it had a Panda Express. It cost an additional $60 more than the other connection, but I really, really, really wanted Panda Express. And it was so worth it.

6. Finally, there are the people who will risk their health over fast food. I mean, doesn't everyone ... but this is more extreme. A study from a couple years ago revealed that out of 2,500 patients who'd suffered a heart attack, 503 were still eating fast food six months after their near-death experience. Oh, that hurts my heart!

What's the most extreme thing you've ever done in the name of fast food?


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