10 Green Foods for St. Patrick’s Day We’d Actually Want to Eat (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Mar 17, 2014 Food & Party

shamrock pancakesYou can have your corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day. For me the holiday means one thing: What foods can I dye green? I'm not talking already-green foods like broccoli and kale -- those are our everyday foods! (Wink!) I mean, whipping out ye lucky old green food coloring to give everything a bit o' the emerald.

Not every food lends itself well to green food coloring. So here's a few foods you can get away with tinting without (hopefully) ruining your kids' appetites. Or your own.

  • Green Eggs & Ham


    Ben Husmann/Flickr

    This is always my first thought. In fact, I may make this for dinner. I don't recommend trying to dye your ham. It's a little too set in its pink ways. But why not the scrambled eggs? I suggest using a bit of blue, since they're already going to be kind of yellow.

  • Shamrock Pancakes



    And while we're talking breakfast for dinner, check out these beautiful shamrock pancakes. The key is to slice off the browned, outer layer.

  • Wee Shamrock Pancakes



    Here are shamrock pancakes done another way, served with Irish coffee. I love the dusting of powdered sugar.

  • Green Waffles Aren't Awful



    What's good for pancakes is good for waffles, too.

  • Really Irish Oats


    While we're talking breakfast for dinner, there's also green oatmeal -- and chocolate chips make it even better.

  • St. Patrick's Sugar Cookie



    Here is proof that there's no such thing as too many shamrock cookies. These are almost as gorgeous as the Emerald Isle itself.

  • Cookies Stamped With Shamrocks



    Oh yeah, Pillsbury makes cookie dough you just slice and bake, and there's this lucky little surprise at the center of each cookie.

  • Green Bagel Means Good Luck



    Not everyone will chance upon green bagels today, but if you do, it must be a sure sign of good luck!

  • Green Rice Krispies Treats



    Green Rice Krispies treats, they're for dessert.

  • Mac & Green Cheese



    You can give your mac and cheese a green hue by adding pureed spinach or using pesto. Or, you know, the usual green food coloring will work as well.

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