The Best-Tasting Chocolate Milk Will Surprise You

chocolate milkWho here loves chocolate milk? I do! If you love the stuff, you probably have a strong opinion about what it should taste like, how thick it should be, how chocolatey, and how sweet. We gathered together 10 different chocolate milks, including skim, sugar-free, organic, artisan, and that stuff with a bunny on it for a CafeMom staff taste test. Which was the favorite? Which one came in dead last? The answers sure surprised me. 


The top 3 chocolate milks are:

1. Farmland Dairies Special Request Chocolate Skim Milk With Omega-3. Seriously, this is what people loved the most. The milk with the most bells and whistles. The skim milk. What are they putting in that stuff? One tester found it "odd," though, and another "too sweet."

2. Nesquick Chocolate Milk (original). This was second-place by a hair. No surprise here.

3. Nesquick Fat-Free Chocolate Milk. I threw this in just to see if the lower-fat version would make a difference. It didn't, really. 

After looking through the results, it's pretty clear. People don't seem to care much about fat content (you can do amazing things with thickeners these days). But they sure like their chocolate milk SWEET!

The least favorite? A 1-percent organic milk, which shall remain nameless. "What is this???" "Is this even milk?" "The grossest." and "Awful. I retched, I'm serious." Wow ... such hate! Makes me sad for this organic brand.

Chocolate almond milk did all right, scoring smack in the middle with one "yum!" and one "pretty good." One taster even accurately guessed that it was almond. Soy milk, on the other hand, came in second-last. Tasters found it "bitter" and "yucky."

My favorite chocolate milk, the "artisan" brand (Ronnybrook Farm Dairy), came in a respectable fourth place. I think the bunny milk came out better because it's super-sweet, and that's what most people prefer.

What's your favorite chocolate milk? What do you think makes a good chocolate milk?


Image via USDA/Flickr

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