Woman Finds Lizard in Her Salad & It Only Gets Worse

lizardI just want you all to know, I made a point of writing this post after lunchtime. And if you happen to be eating right now, I would strongly encourage you to put your fork down, swallow what's in your mouth, and grip the edge of your desk. Because: A woman found a lizard in her kale salad. But she didn't just find a lizard, as in a live lizard zipping in and out of the kale leaves. No, it's much worse than that. Robin Sandusky found just the head and an arm of the lizard.


Okay, so the first thing many of us want to know is where did she get that salad?!? Robin says she bought the salad from a popular restaurant/deli chain called Guy & Gallard. They're all over Manhattan, and they're generally known as one of the nicer salad bar-type places. But you know, this kind of thing can happen anywhere. Just not the places where you get your salad. Definitely not at the grocery store or farmers' market where you buy your greens. So not there!*

Guy & Gallard released a statement saying the usual "We keep our kitchens to the highest standards," and we are shocked, shocked! that there is a lizard in one of our salads. So if you come out and visit the Big Apple, do not be afraid to stop by Guy & Gallard for a quick lunch. I'm sure it'll be just fine!

Now for the really gross part. WARNING: SUPER YUCKY DETAILS COMING. Robin says it wasn't until she was a third of the way finished with her salad before she spied the lizard parts in a lonely corner of the bowl. “I turned it over and the gore was hanging out the back of the neck.” Also? There was an arm, and one of the eyes was half open. “I said, ‘Oh man. I have a lizard in my salad.’”

We pause now so you can shudder, writhe, and maybe even gag a little.

Oh man! You had a lizard in your salad!

*One of the lies we tell ourselves so we'll keep eating salad.

What's the funkiest thing you've ever found in your food?


Image via Emmett Tulos/Flickr

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