8 Crazy Wedding Treats Celebrities Chose Instead of Cake (PHOTOS)

macaronsThere are a few very important things that we think of when we think about weddings. We think of love, we think of dresses, we think of parties, and we definitely all think about cake. A cake, most of us would agree, is central to a wedding. The image of the newly wedded couple slicing the cake together, of feeding it to each other, those are hallmarks of a wedding.

People will oooh and ahhhh over how a cake tastes. Women will even take pieces home and sleep with them under a pillow in the hopes of dreaming of their own future spouse. You want your cake to be memorable. You want your cake to be delicious. But in a sea of wedding cake options, everything can start to look the same. So how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?


These 8 celebrities certainly found a way to keep their guests' mouths happy and still stand out from the crowd. They found ways of providing sweet wedding treats without comprising their unique ideas about their special day. Here's hoping they provide you with inspiration when it comes to how you plan on capping off your sweetest day.

Would you ever think of serving something other than wedding cake at your wedding?


Image via kabuto/Flickr

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