Jennifer Aniston Reveals Her Dirty Little Food Secrets

jennifer anistonSome stars look like they live on water from the fountain of youth and magic golden apples. Actually, I'm pretty sure all of Hollywood is living on green juice and poached salmon these days. But supposedly even celebs indulge in some ordinary mortal food sometimes. In an interview with Self magazine, Jennifer Aniston divulged some of her favorite foods. You'll never believe what crunchy, messy food she loves snacking on -- and she makes it herself, from scratch!


When asked to name the food Jennifer loves so much, she'd eat it even if she dropped it on the floor, she said: Nachos! "I fry the chips myself. Just take a tortilla, cut it into triangles, and throw 'em in coconut oil." Wow, that's impressive. I've never had tortilla chips made with coconut oil, but that sounds amazing. But that's not the only food she mentions.

Jennifer can make one mean Bloody Mary. And she just uses Mr. & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix! "It's very trailer trash. But it's the amount of lime, a splash of olive juice, and a couple of other secrets I can't give away." Well, I guess she can't reveal everything. But my guess would be celery salt and freshly grated horseradish -- maybe fennel pollen, if she's feeling fancy. And loads of pepper.

The most shocking food indulgence? Ehrmagerd, bagels, carbs and all. She says she eats them with eggs on Sunday mornings while she reads the paper. "How I take my eggs depends on my mood. But I always throw a yolk in there—the yolk's got a bad rap." That's right, Jennifer is single-handedly rehabilitating the egg yolk's image.

Despite being a fan of nachos, though, Jennifer says she could give up Mexican food for a while year. Que lastima!

Do you and Jennifer Aniston have any favorite foods in common? Do you agree with her about egg yolks?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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