Deli Owner Hits Lottery Jackpot With a Little Old Fortune Cookie (VIDEO)

Don't throw out those fortune cookie lucky numbers, y'all! You never know when they might come in handy. They certainly did for 75-year-old great-grandmother Emma Duvoll, who stopped into Sammy's Noodle Shop & Grill in Manhattan on her way to visit family upstate. She got the numbers in her dessert fortune cookie and decided, on a whim, to play them in the lottery. Once she reached upstate, she bought a Powerball ticket, and lo (mein) and behold, she won $2 million!


Duvoll hit the numbers 5, 12, 15, 27, and 38 but lost out on the Powerball number or she would have taken home $193 million. So it was a fortune cookie but not a filthy rich fortune cookie. Still, no complaints from Duvoll, who plans to use the money to pad her retirement fund and visit relatives in Switzerland.

How many of us see those lucky numbers and kind of sort of think about playing them but then dismiss the thought? But Emma did it!

Duvoll and her husband used to run a deli but are now retired. I've always wondered what it would be like to strike it rich so late in life. Wouldn't you kind of be a little pissed that you spent so much of your time working and saving? If you'd known, you could have goofed off a bit more!

The folks at Sammy's Noodle Shop are now big believers in fortune cookies. The hostess told the New York Post:

We decided now to play fortune cookie numbers every day.

And the owner "joked" that maybe she should give a 20 percent tip to the waitstaff. Ha. Nice try! Though, if it were me, I'd probably go back and give a huge tip to the server who brought me the cookie. Maybe not 20 percent though. I think $1,000 would be enough. I mean, after taxes, girlfriend is only taking home $1.2 million. And it's not like the server controlled the fortune cookie. But she or he probably deserves something.

Would you tip the server who served you the winning numbers? How much?

Image via New York Daily News

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