This Favorite Chip Dip Is in 'Crisis' Mode: Here's How to Get Through it

avocadosNow, in horrifying but ultimately not that important news, certain restaurants are talking about stopping the sale of guacamole! Whyfor this injustice? Why have they, if you'll forgive me, stopped seeing green? Because, due to inclement weather conditions, avocados are being battered into near oblivion.

They are still around, of course, but their prices this season have been insane due to the extreme shortage of the fatty fruit. It sounds like the situation is only going to get worse. This year's shortage isn't just a one-off; scientists are saying that in the next 10 years, the changing climate is going to cause a real crisis where avocados are involved. So what are guacamole lovers like you and me supposed to do?


Fear not my fellows in food-loving. I come with solutions in tow, because I am nothing if I am not a proud problem-solver. Sadly, my line of expertise doesn't extend to a quick and easy way to save our environment, but providing you with a list of alternatives to guacamole absolutely falls under my purview. So here you go! And god help us all in these trying times.

1. Hoard All the Guacamole

This is a selfish option, but an option all the same. Go to your local grocery store and buy the place out of your favorite pre-made guacamole. Then drive home cackling to gorge yourself.

2. Make Pesto Instead

Pesto is an equally delectable all-purpose green spread with a strong flavor! If basil isn't your jam, never fear -- you can make pesto out of any green, really. I like kale pesto a lot! Theoretically you could make mint pesto, but I'm not here to encourage that.

3. Have You Considered Cheese?

We know that guac is your preferred dip (you are not alone, hence, shortage), but what about a spicy cheese dip? Or a not spicy one? Or just a whole brick of cheese? In my humble estimation, cheese cures all ills.

4. Chimichurri to the Rescue!

Few things help folks forget their woes like a succulent chimichurri sauce dousing a well-prepped flank steak. Avo-who?

5. Let's Talk Marrow

This one is kind of odd and the very opposite of a fruit or veg solution -- but if creamy, fatty decadence is what you crave, have you ever tried marrow bones? The meaty goodness might not be to everyone's taste, but who knows, it could be a future favorite!

How will you survive the avocado shortage?


Image via ollesvensson/Flickr

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