Fake Chef Gets Morning Show Hosts to Eat the Grossest Food (VIDEO)

leftovers rightWhat to do with the leftovers? It's a question that haunts many a family cook. How can you possibly use the remaining one and a half servings of mashed potatoes -- besides scooping it into the dog's dish? Well, cookbook author Chef Keith is here with some appetizing ideas. How about making mashed potato ice cream cones? Yum, right? Or ... no? That's just one of the weird recipes a fake prankster chef demonstrated on morning news shows all over the Midwest. And he got away with it! You have to see the rest of Chef Keith's (shudder) brilliantly hideous fake kitchen tips.


"Chef Keith" is played by Nick Prueher, who planned the spoofs with fellow prankster Joe Pickett. For these segments, Prueher pretended to be promoting his new cookbook, Leftovers Right: Making a Winner of Last Night's Dinner. (Get it? Left ... Right ... oh never mind.) Oh yeah, and he's also running a charity called The Leftovers Project, where they collect their leftovers to donate to charity. Both are fake, of course.

In addition to hawking ridiculously weird leftover ideas, Chef Keith manages to get his gracious host to eat whole, raw cranberries. Have you ever eaten a whole, raw cranberry? It'll turn your head inside-out, it's so tart and dry. Plus there's a pit inside. How is she even keeping a straight face?

Also, I have to warn you. The way Chef Keith describes the smell of leftover turkey may put you off of Thanksgiving turkey for the rest of your life. I think he's wrong! But ew, it's going to be a loooong time before my brain forgets that one. Thanks a lot, Chef Keith.

There's more. When they got out the Sharpies and scissors, I really started to worry where exactly this was going to go. (IT GOES NOWHERE DELICIOUS.) I cannot believe someone got away with demonstrating this on TV. Holy cow. Hey, morning news shows, I've got some ideas, too! How about leftover spaghetti macarons?

Would you have thought this was a real chef if you'd seen it on TV? And would you ever actually try any of these recipes?


Image via Found Footage Fest/YouTube

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