Ellen DeGeneres Shocks Oscars Pizza Guy With ANOTHER Big Surprise (VIDEO)

One of the most charming bits at the Oscars was that one time in band camp when host Ellen DeGeneres ordered pizza for the starving A-listers. Not only does the ceremony take place right at dinner time, but most of the celebs probably don't eat much if at all that day in order to not bust their triple-layer Spanx. So no doubt they were all pretty hungry. In the midst of the ceremony, Ellen had pizza delivered to the first few rows. And that pizza guy, Edgar Martirosyan, was a real pizza delivery guy -- NOT an actor. Not only that, he apparently had no idea he was about to serve pizza to some of the biggest stars in the world.


Edgar was invited onto Ellen's show to talk about his experience. It turns out that Ellen had set the whole surprise up -- telling Edgar, whom she had ordered from in the past, that he would be delivering to writers backstage. But when he got there, she said, "Follow me" and promptly walked out onstage. Says Edgar: "I was in shock!"

Ellen made a point of asking the stars for money for a tip -- hitting up megarich producer Harvey Weinstein when Sandra Bullock claimed poverty -- and was able to get about $600. But watch how, in her show, she gives Edgar an even bigger surprise:

$1,000! Not bad for about 10 minutes of work. Though certainly these stars could afford it. Plus, Edgar got to meet his favorite star: Julia Roberts. He said:

She was like my woman in dreams. I always watched her movies ... it was something crazy -- crazy to me to deliver.

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It was pretty awesome of Ellen to give this guy the surprise of his life -- she could have warned him beforehand what was going to happen, but how like her to want to give him a surprise too and not just the stars. Edgar used to be a driver for the Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria, but now he and his brother own it.

The pizza moment also showed the world how Brad Pitt missed his calling as a waiter -- he did a fine job of hopping up and serving everyone in the vicinity. I guess he hasn't forgotten his food roots -- his first job in Los Angeles was dressing up like a chicken for a fast food restaurant.

Do you think he got a big enough tip?


Image via EllenShow/YouTube

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