Pathetic Restaurant Chain Charges Customers Extra for 'ObamaCare'​

Oh, these restaurants really, really do not want to pay for their employees' health insurance. Who came blame them? All this time, they've managed to get away with paying their employees so little that customers have to supplement their salaries. But now they actually have to pay into the Affordable Care Act so that employees might be able to have some health insurance for once. Woe! So what are they doing? Yes, they are passing that along to customers too. And whining about it. A restaurant chain called Gator's Dockside in Florida has implemented a 1 percent surcharge on all checks to help cover some of their ObamaCare compliance.

Now, it's one thing if you suddenly have to pay out $500,000 a year to be compliant and give your workers a fair shot at getting insurance coverage. Maybe you have to raise your prices a bit -- just like you do when your rent goes up, or you have to pay into the numerous government programs that taxes go toward.

But it's another thing to highlight it on receipts and whine about it. Isn't that just tooooooo bad that your employees aren't getting health insurance from you and might need it from the government?

Currently, Gator's Dockside offers health insurance to management, but not wait and other staff.

Oddly, the restaurant put out a sign to patrons that said:

Instead of raising prices on our products to generate the additional revenue needed to cover the costs of ACA compliance, certain Gator's Dockside locations have implemented a 1% surcharge on all food and beverage purchases only.

Excuse me? What is the difference between adding a surcharge and raising your prices? Oh right, because you want to point the finger. If your landlords had all raised the rent on your buildings, you wouldn't have bothered with the surcharge, you just would have raised your prices or taken a hit.

Way to guilt your employees too. God help them that they might actually want to be able to go see a doctor or dentist once in awhile!

This isn't the first restaurant chain to gripe about having to pony up to pay health care for its employees. Papa John's tried that trick too. Seems the restaurant industry got mighty used to having cheap labor while passing the buck to the taxpayers (who pick up the bill when the uninsured go to the emergency room for care) and customers, who supplement the measly hourly wages with tips. Not to mention the government and taxpayers again, who dole out welfare when hard-working people who earn minimum wage or less can't afford to buy food.

Sorry the free ride is over, restaurants.

What do you think of the "surcharge"?


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nonmember avatar Hanibananih

Kiri you are so stupid. As an HR manager I 100% agree with what this company is doing. As an employee I agree. Obamacare charges employers a huge increase as to what they were paying before and often times make the plan worse. This company is trying to allow their employees health insurance and your bitching about it. They could just work everyone under 30 hours per week and not offer insurance. They could dissolve their business. Why are you so against them telling the truth about why they have a surcharge. You would pay the higher prices but not the surcharge? Rediculous. And a hint to everyone who thinks obamacare is great. Check your insurance deductible. Most companies used to offer a stop at 2000-5000 depending on your status. Now they are 12000-15000 on a good plan! This means if you are hospitalized you pay 12000. How does that help someone not lose their home? It's moron bloggers like you Kiri that are ruining this country. You spout crap with no fact checking.

lulou lulou

@hana, they didnt deduct for the no bread

nonmember avatar Thompson

This article is unfortunately ignorant with misplaced anger. I am a card carrying democrat, former waiter, and current finance manager. I understand all sides of this. While a business could just bump up the price to cover Obamacare costs, I think it is fair that they instead highlight the charge so that customers understand why prices are going up. It wasn't too long ago that companies like FEDEX and UPS had a fuel surcharge itemized on their invoices to make customers aware of cost increases when gas prices were at a record high. I think it is only fair that a restaurant would do so with Obamacare. The sad fact is that Obamacare coverage costs and compliance costs for businesses will raise prices on ALL products we buy. And it's going to be much more than 1%. You will notice this starting in the fall when businesses are forced to comply with Obamacare mandates. Everything is going up in cost from this. And sadly, because Obamacare was so poorly designed, the government is soon going to have to raise everyone's taxes to pay for the cost over-runs. Heck, the federal government already wasted over half a trillion dollars for a website that didn't work. And then had to pay close to as much to fix it in record time. There's no free lunch folks. The bill is coming due on the government's excess, and we're all on the hook.

nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

We're cheap a-holes, so we are going to use the ACA as an excuse. Same reason I will never give a penny to Papa John's. Let him sell one of his fountains.

cmjaz cmjaz

Everyone knows that every company is raising prices due to obamacare. You're mad cause this place is uppfront about it?

nonmember avatar Lisa

The deadline was pushed to 2015 and they are passing to the cost the customers since January 2014. This is a stupid way to display your political agenda. I would take my money elsewhere if I saw this.

Elaine Cox

lisa needs to find what deadline was pushed back and what want people to have health care then go and enjoy..keep ordering ..enjoy

nonmember avatar john e smith

This is just another redneck finger pointing for the Obama haters. First off, management are mainly the only ones who have their health care anyway. Secondly, they are not required to worry about this for another year-so I guess they are collecting in advance? This chain, like Pap Johns, is just another place me and my friends will no longer visit. And I will make sure I spread this around to all my facebook friends as well.

mande... manderspanders

Obamacare has to be paid for by someone, Kiri.  You liberals just llooovvee spending other people's money, so I fail to see what your problem is with this.

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