Hilarious 'Sad Food' Trend Will Stop You From Feeling Like a Loser (PHOTOS)

Sunny Chanel | Mar 2, 2014 Food & Party

The sad Food movementEvery day around lunchtime, I am slapped in the face with a huge pang of food envy. While my family does get delicious dinners, my midday meals pretty much suck. I’m a decent cook, and my daughter even claims that I’m the best chef in the whole wide world, but during my busy workday, lunch becomes a necessity rather than a meal to savor. This is when the food jealousy creeps in.

While scanning through my friends' Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, I am left salivating after seeing photos of the amazing, beautiful food they eat for lunch. I should add that I have many a food blogger in my inner circle, so they're pros at making incredible meals and sharing the results online. So there I am. Staring at my own, lame lunch --which 9 times out of 10 is quinoa, hummus, lettuce, and egg. Yes, it may be healthy, but it ain’t pretty. And it's almost always the same.

Thank heaven for the hysterically funny new "Sad Food" trend!

Because as it turns out, I shouldn’t feel so bad! Not all meals are worthy of being featured in Martha Stewart's magazine, and in fact, many foodies with a keen sense of humor are doing the opposite -- taking pathetic pictures of their own boring and unattractive lunches (and breakfasts and dinners) and posting those online instead.

The whole "Sad Food" thing is such a phenomenon that an office worker by the name of Kira Fisher has created a Tumblr site celebrating the "Sad Desk Lunch," and Cooksuck.com also pays homage to those less-than-perfect food moments. I took a gander at Instagram and Twitter to see what would turn up when searching for #sadbreakfast, #sadlunch, and #saddinner.

Wait til you see what I found! The 10 oh-so-sad meals pictured below are among the highlights. And now I feel MUCH better and just slightly like less of a lunch loser!

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