10 Things to Do With a Pringles Can Besides Eat Chips Out of It

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Oh-so-tasty Pringles potato chips, those infamous, stackable chips that live up to their hype. They are hard to forget and even harder to put to one side when snack time ends. Of course, part of what makes them so memorable is their cyclindrical canisters. And with a little bit of cleanup, some inspiration, and DIY imagination, those Pringles cannisters are the household 'trash' that can be reused as treasure.


You might not fancy yourself a DIY-girl, but trust me when I say after a quick peek at what's out there, even the most glue-averse among you will be tempted to give these projects a shot. We've compiled 10 of our favorite Pringles cans projects for your consideration. They range from practical to whimsical, and here's hoping they inspire you as much as they did us.

Raefael Baur and Janine Nayly

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