Restaurant Chain Employee's Cruel 'Joke' Leaves Grandma in Tears (VIDEO)

receiptEverybody has bad days -- it's part of being human. But when we go to work, we're expected to check our attitudes at the door when the workday starts. That goes double for the folks in the food service industry who have to work with people all day. Admittedly, waiters and waitresses have to put up with a lot of bad behavior on the part of their customers -- but that's no excuse to lash out at them. If anything, our servers are expected to grin and bear it. It's not necessarily always fair, but it is a reality of the trade. 

A server at a fast food chain apparently had no time for this, as one poor grandma had the misfortune of finding out the hard way. She ordered her food, paid without incident, and ate said meal. It wasn't until she looked at her receipt that she realized all was not well in the land of short-order burgers.


When glancing at her receipt, the poor woman noticed something terrible. Instead of writing down her name or a customer number at the top of the receipt in question, the staff member taking her order referred to her as "B*tch A** H*es." Which, yes, is hilarious in theory, but how would you feel if someone called your grandmother that and it left her in tears? I think it's fair to say that you'd feel considerably less than, well, awesome.

Who knows what went down that led the server to type in that rude moniker. But no matter what the customer in question did or how they behaved, there's no excuse for lashing out. Unsurprisingly, it led to the employee in question losing their job. And frankly, it should have. If you are going to be that insensitive to the people you interact with, get a job in another field! 

Do you think the restaurant was right to fire the offending employee?

Image via FLYDMX/YouTube

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