A Pizza Delivery So Wild We’re Wondering If the Pie Survived (VIDEO)

pizza deliveryHow do you like your pizza delivery? I like mine hot, fresh, and on time. Oh yes, and right-side up. But maybe you're a little more adventurous than that -- or maybe your pizza delivery guy is. What if you could just open your window and catch a pizza flying through the air?

Well I have good news and bad news. First, flying pizza delivery is a thing and we've got it here on video. The bad news? It's in the UK, it's a low-tech delivery system, and it probably destroys the pizza in the process. But these are mere details! Check out the most extreme pizza delivery you'll ever see.


Some bloke (because this is the UK we're talking about) was peeping through his blinds one day -- literally, try not to be creeped out by that -- when he caught the most incredible feat of pizza. The delivery guy grabs a box from his car and just hurls it up to a third-story window! And because he aimed just right, the recipient caught it. Naturally, payment for the pizza arrived via air as well -- it was dropped from the window, and the pizza guy caught it.

Cool, right? But I can't help wondering what kind of shape the pizza arrived in. I mean, you take the box, turn it sideways, and throw it up in the air ... couldn't that cause the cheese and toppings to slide off the crust? Might the whole thing get smushed over to one side? Is it worth is, really, allowing your pizza to get mauled just to save someone the trouble of running up and down the stairs.

Oh wait, this is pizza we're talking about. Of course it is.

But you know, if you're looking for creative ways to deliver pizza, there are other options. You could deliver via catapult --- from across the street, probably. You could lower a basket large enough for the box. Is there a bird large enough to carry a box of pizza in its feet? Probably not a good idea if the bird is pigeon. Now that I think about it, delivering pizza by dog is also probably going to backfire as well. I'm going to have to give these ideas some thought ... over some pizza, of course.

Would you be okay with having your pizza delivered this way?


Image via Thomas Scott Oldbury/YouTube

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