96-Year-Old Gets Worst Surprise Ever When Eating His Birthday Cake

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cake drawingI would imagine turning 96 is quite the day. You've passed the hump of 95 and are officially in your late-90s -- that much closer to 100. Wow. Those are the birthdays you need to celebrate in a big way with all the hoopla and fanciness you can handle. Including, of course, your most favorite cake.

Joseph Vallenti's 96th birthday wish was to enjoy his favorite German apple cake. His family ordered one from their local King Kullen, a supermarket in Commack, New York. They sang Happy Birthday, blew out some candles, Vallenti made his wish, and then it was time to indulge. But when he took a bite of his cake, he got a taste of something he didn't expect ... and he most certainly didn't deserve.

He got a mouthful of a dead rat

I hope you weren't eating when reading that. If so, put down the fork. Set the coffee on the table. This story is dreadfully disgusting.

Vallenti's birthday bite of cake wasn't what he expected. "Something isn't right," he said as he was chewing. But it was too late. He had swallowed some of it already. When his niece's boyfriend Neil Gold began to inspect the cake, he noticed parts of a rat somehow wedged inside. First he noticed what he thought was a ribbon of black mold, but when they flipped the cake over they discovered part of the rat's tail sticking out.

I'll give you a moment to attempt to recover from that.

Let's remember this is Vallenti's 96th birthday! He made it all the way to 96 with fantastic cakes and never dined on a rat. But now ... this ... this is what he gets?! Awful. Awful.

The tail was reportedly five-inches long and part of the rat's ear was also seen. Who knows exactly what part of the rat Vallenti actually ingested but the poor guy ended up with diarrhea and stomach cramps after. That's NOT a happy birthday. I think it's safe to say that German apple cake is probably ruined for the rest of this man's life.

The supermarket has taken all the necessary actions to find out what happened and clean up any issue they may still have. The bakery did pass a recent inspection by the Health Department so sadly it seems like Vallenti just got a really bad piece of cake.

I hope he feels better. I just want to wish him a happy birthday. With no sign of rats.

Have you ever bit into something and not get what you expected?


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Rando... Randomlady

Oh this poor fellow, how nasty.

Worst thing I've ever bitten into was a chicken sandwich at mcD's that had molded, the bun had a tiny bit of green mold and the chicken had some black spotted mold. We told the manager about it and all they wanted to offer us was another sandwich, not our money back or anything.

Beth Schrodt

That is why our family doesn't eat out anymore and we try to make most of our own food. To avoid things like this.

socal... socalmommy13

Poor guy! What the heck man!

virgo... virgoariesmama

I went to applebee's with my dh for my birthday and while eating my dinner I got a piece of wire in my mouth from the grill cleaning brush needless to say the compted my meal and I got a free dessert. I was so lucky I felt it before I swallowed that could have caused some serious injuries

Colleen Newell

Eww.. How could someone not notice rat pieces while baking that cake?! Cake batter is smooth and pourable 

Saharra Saharra

Yuck! The only crazy thing I've had was glass in my jello at Russ' (I saw it before eating it, thank goodness!) And my dad had a roach in his salad one time at Wendy's. Blah! Stuff happens... I understand that, but how do you get a rat in a cake?

Ginger Rafalowich

ew i used to shop at that exact king kullen !  grossssssssssss

Momme... MommeeTo4

Brilo pad remnant in my rice from a Chinese place. A dead fly in my chicken sandwich at McDonald's.

And a tooth in my pizza when I was in 9th grade

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