Deliciously Easy Key Lime Pie Recipe You Can Whip Up in Minutes

Apple pie is great, but if you're looking for a slightly different all-American dessert that has a bit of bite and kick to it, you can't beat Key Lime Pie. There's something cool and refreshing about this delicious dessert, which is unbelievably simple to make and consists of so few ingredients, you won't even feel like you're baking. This is a treat for cooks who don't want to slave over a hot oven, but can appreciate a fluffy, creamy, tangy, and sweet treat that takes just 20 minutes to whip up.


One of the greatest things about Key Lime Pie -- aside from the fact that it's a more unexpected dessert to serve your guests than, say, cheesecake -- is that it's light enough to offer after a heavy meat and potatoes dinner. At the same time, it makes total sense to enjoy this after a summery meal of barbecued fish skewers. It's perfect for all seasons!

This wonderful Key Lime Pie recipe uses a sweet graham cracker crust, which offers a nice balance to the zesty punch you get from the lime juice (and it's nice to know you can opt to use either juice squeezed from actual limes or store-bought lime juice -- no one will be the wiser). So let's get baking!

Key Lime Pie


1 graham cracker pie crust

5 egg yolks

1 14-oz can sweetened condensed milk

¾ cup fresh lime juice (about 4 limes or—easier—buy a bottle of key lime juice instead)

3 egg whites

1 cup heavy cream


Beat yolks until thick. Beat in condensed milk, then lime juice.

Beat egg whites until stiff, then fold into the lime mixture. 

Spoon into crust.

Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes.

When pie is cool, chill in fridge (at least a couple of hours)

Serve with whipped cream and lime slices on top.


Image via cherrylet/Flickr

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