7 Ways to Give Your Favorite Foods a 'Makeover' (PHOTOS)

Rebecca Stokes | Feb 21, 2014 Food & Party
7 Ways to Give Your Favorite Foods a 'Makeover' (PHOTOS)

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If you're anything like me, you can fall into a food rut. You know, when you wind up eating the same thing time and time again? It's not the food's fault, but day in and day out, eating the foods -- even ones we love -- can start to feel like a really boring routine. It's not our fault either. We lead busy lives, and sometimes it's easier to just go ahead and pick the fast, easy, well-known option than it is to spend even five minutes doing something to spice up your food-life.

But it doesn't have to be that way! Our once-favorite foods can be something we look forward to once again, and all it takes is just a little bit of imagination. We're here to help! You don't need to scour the web looking endlessly for new ways to turn stuff like oatmeal or macaroni and cheese into novelties -- because we've done the heavy lifting for you! 

Behold! We've rounded up 7 of our favorite go-to foods. We've also found some great ways to make them seem brand-spanking-new so you won't have to. So hop to it and get to funkifying your next meal today.

How do you jolt yourself out of a food rut?


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  • Oatmeal


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    Oatmeal is great and good for you, but it's easy to get tired of it. Luckily for you handsome people, it's also a great blank canvas. A simple addition of something like dark chocolate chips, almonds, or dried cherries will add some pizzazz. 

  • Popcorn


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    Even the best snacks can get tired. Make your popcorn snack new again! Go savory with garlic powder and butter, or sweet by tossing in just a handful of Raisinets! Twice the movie-snacking fun.

  • Meatloaf


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    Meatloaf is awesome, but even its name is a bit dull. Make meatloaf an exotic treat by shaping it like a cupcake and topping it with something like pesto or cheddar-whipped mashed potatoes -- yummers! 

  • Toast


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    Toast, ah toast, the easiest, crunchiest, best go-to snack. But it's not exactly gourmet. That doesn't have to be the case. Ditch the jam and butter and try a bit of Nutella or a mixture of applesauce and cream cheese -- the world is your toast-oyster. 

  • Macaroni & Cheese


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    Mac and cheese is the greatest -- all that buttery cheesy goodness, looove it. But day after day after day, even the best things can get to seem uninspired. Up the cream factor by blending in pieces of sauteed cauliflower and some nice fresh chives. Your dish will be transformed. 

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly


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    When it comes to food that's fun to explore, peanut butter and jelly is the tops. Add mini-marshmallows, bananas, even bacon bits! Who'd have thunk it, but PB&J is actually a great place to really indulge yourself food-wise.

  • Rice


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    Rice, while tasty on its own, is a great stage on which to put some more exciting food players. It's perfect for stir-fry; just add chicken and vegetables! Or if you've got leftovers but you can't stomach anymore rice on its lonesome, I guarantee that you've got stuff in your fridge to make a great rice pudding

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