Single Mom Says She Was Fired by Restaurant Chain for Doing Good Deed

If you work at a fast food joint and buy a round of burgers for some firefighters, you'd think that would be cause for a promotion. Or at least a "Good goin'." Instead, Heather Levia, a single mom of twins, reportedly was fired from her job at McDonald's. Levia was working her morning shift when a bunch of local smoke eaters came in and ordered breakfast after working all morning to put out a house fire in subzero temperatures. Levia wanted to show them some thanks, so she ponied up for their $83 worth of sandwiches.


That's probably not the kind of money that a single mom working at McDonald's can easily part with, but Levia says she wanted to show them she "appreciates everything they do."

A little while later, another fire department from Olean, New York, called in for lunch. Levia reportedly sent her boss a text message asking if the fast food restaurant could pick up the tab -- she says she thought that might happen since the franchise outlet regularly gives out free meals to cops.

When Levia's boss said no, she took it upon herself to ask the corporate office, which also reportedly said no. So again she and this time some other staffers ponied up.

The fire department, thinking that the McDonald's had pressured Levia into paying, called up to complain. Naturally, Levia's boss wasn't happy with this and reportedly told her she had opened a "bee's nest."

A disagreement ensued and Levia was fired. The official reason was that she swore at a superior, but she denies this, saying she only said, "This is freaking ridiculous."

Well, in some ways it is -- why should police get free meals but not firefighters? And, hey, what about teachers, postal service workers, military men and women -- and bloggers?!

I guess I can see why Levia's boss was miffed -- on the other hand, she was only trying to do a good deed. Firing her after eight years on the job seems extreme.

Luckily, Levia says she has already received other job offers.

What do you think?


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